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Bid Start Date: 2018-01-31
Bid End date: 2018-02-28
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Ananda Tandava

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Dancing Shiva;metal

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In the Nataraja pose, Shiva's upper hands hold symbols of creation and destruction. The drum in the upper right hand is symbolic of the very prigins of sound. The fire in the upper left hand symbolizes destruction. The Blessing hand ( the Abhaya mudra) lends protection to the righteous. The second left hand which points downwards to the foot symbolizes the upliftment of all and salvation. The demon below signifies the ability to vanquish evil shown in the form of a demon.

Weight12.1 KgsHeight20 Inches
Width23 InchesProduct MaterialMetal
The famous brass and copper metalware has a rich and ancient tradition in Tamil Nadu. These metal objects are used for both religious and secular purposes, though utility is a primary consideration. The deepam or lamp are regarded as a symbol of Agni, which is auspicious and is the best known of the States metalware. There is a good variety of lamps that includes standing lamps, aarathi (votive lamps), deepalakshmis, hand lamps and chain lamps. Patterned trays and shallow dishes in circular, hexagonal, octagonal and oval shapes are widely used in Tamil Nadu and are made out of bronze or sheet brass.The popular Thanjavur plates feature designs of deities, birds, flowers, and geometric patterns beaten out from the back of copper and silver sheets and subsequently encrusted on a brass tray, kudam or panchpaathra.Metal toys include models of horses, cows or elephants are made chiefly of brass. A whole range of attractively polished and finished utensils of utilitarian value are also made.The most famous of Tamil Nadus art forms is probably its bronzes artistic excellence developed over the centuries, placing them among the greatest triumphs of Indian art.
Mustaani Represents Small Rural Communities That Cannot Leverage E-Commerce Due To Inadequate Access To Learning Or Technology Infrastructure And Smart Phones. The Products Displayed Are From The Artisans And Mustaani Coordinates The Buyer-Seller Interface For Them.

Mustaani Hales From Gurugram Haryana And Has Roots Deep Into The Himalayan Valley, The Desert Sands And The Coastal Plains Of Incredible India. The Driving Passion Is To Reveal The Refinement And Rich Heritage Behind The Skill And Innovation Of The Indian Craftspersons Who Prevail In Their Pursuit For Excellence Despite Limited Financial Or Infrastructural Support. When You Buy From Mustaani At Craftsbazaar Craftspersons Benefit Directly.
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Natural products such as wood, metal and leather are meant for hardy use and products such as furniture, objects, decorative items etc. , have for ever been used by the poor and the rich, the only variation being that of refinement and embellishment. These can be exposed to moisture, water and sun but must always be dried well and then keep free of dust and grime. The colors will always transform or fade when exposed to the elects and that is a great part of the charm of natural products.
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