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Haryana ~हरयाणा


Haryana has been the green-belt of India. Agrarian to the core till the early 2000s when the landscape was transformed by sky-scrapers and super-highways. It is now the glorious land of IT Companies and a major hub for urban life. The New York of India. The ancient battle of Kurushetra from the Mahabharata was held here and that is a unique historical claim to no other state in India.


The festivals of all agrarian communities are similar, with harvest and springtime taking prominence over all else. Lohri, Visakhi, Holi remain the main festivals, while Eid, Diwali, Christmas and all Indian festivals are equally celebrated. The Crafts Festival, the Surajkund Mela, is held for a a fortnight every February, showcasing the Indian handicrafts.


Haryana Arts and Crafts comprise a diversity of style and skill. These include weaving of rugs, pottery making, embroidery like Phulkari, Leather Jutti-making, Sculptures in clay and plaster and Ethic Paintings using clay as a base.


The Cuisine of Haryana is earthy, simple and inseparably linked to the land. The use of Milk, Butter, Yogurt and Cottage cheese dominates naturally, as does the use of fresh greens, carrots, radish and corn. The people of Haryana are bold and outgoing and believe in eating well. They emphasis on the preparations that are fresh and nutritious. They favor zero usage of false flavors and calorie-counting doesn’t work! Their food is designed both to enjoyment and satisfaction.