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West Bengal ~পশ্চিমবঙ্গ

West Bengal


Academics & cultural pursuit are more important than commercial success in West Bengal. They are articulate & discuss topics ranging from politics to the price of fish at adda. The terrain varies from the mountains in Darjeeling to the mangroves in the Sundarbans .Listen to Rabindra Sangeet in Shantiniketan, explore the terracotta temples in Bishnupur.


Durga Puja in Oct is celebrated with great pomp and religious devotion. A ten-day Book fair & the Kolkata Festival is held in Jan. Magh Mela, from 6-8 Feb , Vasantotsava on 20th March & Poush Mela the Annual Fair in Dec are held in Shantiniketan,Flower Festival in Oct is held at Kalimpong.


Kalighat Paintings to Kantha embroidery…Sholapith stonework to weaving. West Bengal has a great tradition of crafts and art forms. The textile weaving, to embroidery, to Clay-pottery, Kusha-grass, Leather-craft, Dhokra, Jute-craft, Toymaking, Conch-shell products.


Bengali cuisine is inspired by Mughal cuisine, Anglo Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine etc. Traditional food varies from the daily food. Everyday food consists mostly of rice or handmade bread, fish, vegetables, dal, meat, etc. in various occasions and festivals, visitors are entertained with different kind of Polao or Biryani, Chicken korma, firni or various sweet dishes etc.The important variety of sweets based on milk and sugar as part of custom.